3d-penna3_468If 3D printers seem too expensive, or too technically complex, WobbleWorks’ 3Doodler 3D printing pen looks like a budget- and user-friendly alternative. It also looks like a ton of fun.

The idea behind the 3Doodler is that it takes the core functionality of a 3D printer, essentially an extruder and a heat source, and jams it into a pen-shaped handheld device. Loaded with either ABS or PLA plastic, common feedstock for traditional 3D printers, the 3Doodler “prints” plastic objects by letting you draw them in freehand in three-dimensional space.

With a 3mm nozzle, the 3Doodler can use off-the-shelf filament, and variable temperature settings will allow you to use both PLA and ABS plastic. It’s not a child’s toy, since the nozzle can reach temperatures of 270 degrees Celsius, or 518 degrees Fahrenheit. But because it requires only a power outlet and has no need for a computer, or even an SD Card with design files on it, the 3Doodler should introduce a new level of accessibility and ease of use for those interested in experimenting with 3D printing.




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