When Will We See Improved Efficiency In Solar Panels?

Solarpanel2-hintland.comThe oil industry with its spectacular large economic platform (just take a look at how many oil companies inhabit the top ten lists of wealthiest companies in the world) sees the sun as a competitor.

How much has the oil industry impacted the environment? During the last 100 years we have faced too many accidents with a catastrophic outcome for the environment, animals, humans and the economy – due to these pollutants and their accidents.

That leads us to ask, when will we see a better degree of efficiency in solar panels? Scientists say we are seeing a 13-15% effectiveness and a global reach of 25-26%. Compare the evolution of this reach to that of the Internet or cell phones over the last 30 years. Solar is not keeping up.

And why is it so? Developed countries are used to a lifestyle that demands ever more energy from oil with increased vehicle, heating and electricity use. Why have alternative sources not been exploited the same way?

When we in ethnological studies see a difference in mindset between those so-called primitive people or indigenous peoples and those in the established or developed cultures: Indigenous mindsets live with the earth, not of it.

Have humans in contemporary society forgotten the fundamentals of living on versus living of or with? We know that we have to do something today, not tomorrow. TODAY!

This is a deeper conversation but very simply and today we at seek tools that are affordable and easy to integrate into our lives. As a result we put out an appeal to all scientists, product developers, manufactures and everyone interested in solar energy: produce better solar panels, so we can minimize our oil dependence. We also put out the question, how can we help? How can you help?

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