PhD. Samuel West had with his academic touch and qualification, shown us that “play” not only are for children. To be “playful” can perhaps be the most rewarding description you can get. The connotation of foolish and childish may be the total opposite of “adult and intelligent”: the identity and focus “to create” came from those with no cultural frames, no fear and a curious mindset, and are those that succeed with new innovations!

Can it be more frightning for the major population that just want to fit in the society, notice that those how are “outside” got the future power?

However, read the book of how to have fun in the office, and think of the insights.

To get more input and insights, see what happens at “THE MUSEUM OF FAILED INNOVATIONS” or just an earlier article.


Museum of Failure is a collection of interesting innovation failures. The majority of all innovation projects fail and the museum showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience.


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Remember ST. VLADIMIR – The Putin Loudspeaker?

The artist Petro Wodkins extended his loudspeaker line with two more lovely items to furnish our home with: “MAGGIE” and “KIM SUNSHINE”.



The wonderful twist about this speakers is the humour of using a “dictator” or political leader as a “model”, for something so joyful and relaxing as listen to music! For many people the above trio may be the worst persons ever to have in their houses, but with these speakers the old way and story changes.



And check the statements that comes with the speakers:

“Play The People Who Play The World”

“Vladimir Putin has never sounded this good”

“Maggie speaks again”

What do you think?

Balmain and the(ir) 90:ies Supermodels

Just some pictures of some of the 90:ies supermodels in today’s landscape. Nothings have changed… or have it?

Balmain2 hintland

But never-less, looking at X picture never get out of time!

Balmain3 hintland

Or what’s your opinion?

Balmain4 hintland

Beat them! đŸ˜€


Sada Bike – Gianluca Sada – Necessary #366, or?

I just walked into this superb SADA BIKE – a serial innovation thing – a bicycle!

Sada bike, or not? Denmark and the Nederlands are fanatic bicyclers due to their flat landscape. Italy, Spain and many others just like “climbing” the mountains. So, as usual, it’s all in the behold of the viewer!

What’s your opinion? Or feelings?


Dare to care!