The Consumer Electronics Show has opened in Las Vegas with the usual deluge of news and views about smartphones and tablets. But there are other products – arguably more interesting from the product design and innovation standpoint – that emerge from CES, especially from its Innovation Awards programme.

How about these GPS-enabled ski goggles, which were developed by Recon Instruments in collaboration with Zeal Optics? The Transcend goggles were named Best of Innovations in the Personal Electronics category.

The goggles give real-time feedback to the skier about speed, altitude, distance traveled and other data. Recon says the head-mounted display is “completely unobtrusive for front and peripheral vision, making it the ultimate solution for use in the fast-paced environments”.

The Recon website has a simulation of the display, so skiers can decide for themselves whether they will be distracted by the data at that all-important moment when they need to swerve past a tree.




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