Does your company, or the company you work for, want to expand your business and sell your products or services to Sweden or Scandinavia?

Then we at can help you. Due to our wide experience from several industries and knowledge of the Swedish, and Scandinavian, market we can perform everything from a market analysis to event sales.

Sweden is a very trend-driven society, and is often used as a test market for new products. If the product or service will work in Sweden, it almost certain will work in other countries, therefore is it an economic profit to test it here.

Perhaps you want a pre study about technical innovations within the business of medical devices, or the demand for ethical fashion for pets, or the possibility to export medical herbs from Amazonas? can help you and your business with:

– Market & Competitor Analysis
– Find the right distributor or whole seller
– Cultural and societal information about Sweden and Scandinavian countries
– Juridical consultation (via law firm)
– Economical consultation (via accountant firm)
– and much more.


Contact Claes Foxérus for ideas and enquires.


PS: Have seen how the US think the can advertise for Swedish market? Look here.





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