Finally, a 3D printer kit that anyone can build

I designed the Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer yet.  There are some great kits out there – the Makerbot, the Ultimaker, the Prusa Mendel, and others – but none as small and simple as the Printrbot.  This all-in-one 3D printer kit can be assembled and printing in a couple of hours.  Other kits will not only take you many more hours to build, they will also have hundreds more parts, and they will cost more.  My design also does away with the finicky calibration and adjustment from which most 3D printers suffer.   This is the printer a kid could put together. We assemble the electronics, we assemble the hotend, and we put the connectors on all the motors and components… no soldering required!

Quality design and quality parts

The Printrbot is my original design, but borrows from many great designers in the open source 3D printer world (check out  This new printer incorporates some of the best practices out there.  We use the latest electronics and firmware,  linear bearings, smooth drill rod with tight tolerances, a lasercut print bed, the most popular extruder design, mechanical endstops, a manufactured PCB heated bed, a simple hotend with replacable tips, and it works with the latest open source software.









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