Product development can be tricky, as well as very easy and smooth. Keep in mind that everybody copy anybody! That’s hard to believe for all patents holders and law jurisdictions, but as the Chinese says: ”Copyright is to Copy Right!” Think of this fundamental insight between the ”old” and the ”new” world!

As I have a genuine interest in design, especially from the 60:ies, it’s very refreshing to see new pop-ups like commercial Austin Powers or as ”the-60-ies-driven” David Brown and his ”new” vintage car SPEEDBACK.

Speedback_Slider2It looks like an Aston Martin DB5 with small hints from a Ferrari 350GT and Maserati 3500. It’s hard to find more beautiful role models! The SPEEDBACK (cool name: speed = forward and back = backwards) is a classical 2+2 sport car in handcrafted aluminium as it supposed to be. But the classical design is just a shield for the 2014:ies techniques that give SPEEDBACK its identity. If you are hooked on the 60:ies car design, but don’t want all the maintenance – this is a car for you!

On the other hand it’s puzzling to see this classical look, and new components, in ONE piece, and my thoughts goes to an old poem/line:

scarlet pimpernel”They seek him here, they seek him there,/ Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.

/ Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell?

/ That damned elusive Pimpernel! ”

That’s how the Scarlet Pimpernel puts it, in an old classic film from 1934. But what has this got to do with the SPEEDBACK? It’s a lovely designed car and it must be the most perfect car with 60:ies attributes. I mean its built up with the newest technology and technical insights. But at the same time something ”ring a bell”!

It’s seem like plastic surgery in several ways! I don’t think David Brown has this, perhaps, cynical thought, but anyway. I’ve been told by several old executives and politicians that it ”NEVER WAS BETTER BEFORE! Perhaps is like the Chinese insight: copy right!  We take the outer that we like and put in the very modern that works.  OK! Fine. Doing this with artefacts is fine, but doing this with humans? OK, perhaps to many ”deep” thoughts…

SPEEDBACK-ripA small anecdote is the photos SPEEDBACK is surrounded with. Of course you have to find the right milieu, but isn’t this a classical rip-off? Look at the (above) similarities with the photos of the magnificent (below) Riva Aquarama, perhaps the most glorified boat from the 60:ies, and the picture of SPEEDBACK!


But once again: copyright is to copy right! And I love the design of the SPEEDBACK! And Riva Aquamara!

over and out!




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