hintland.com wants to inspire, give insights and hints for future product development, innovation and market communication in a wide perspective.  

Flaggor_SverigeIn Sweden we are historically very good at innovation and product development,and this is a skill that must be managed and exploited in a better way. Most countries today have caught up, and passed Sweden through the production process – the old way to success. Today it’s design, innovation and product development and how to commercialise it, that will lead to success and will be the foundation for survival for the society.

The common knowledge and understanding of different disciplines is a key issue to market-driven products. To enhance understanding, spread the message and debate in the field – in a for the society an important topic that not only creates jobs and tax revenues, but also create a competitive advantage towards low-cost countries – needs a forum.

To emphasise the subject, a real focal point that is easy to remember, and that promote development is needed. There exist, what we know today, no gathering place for innovation, product development and product design, and how it’s communicated to the market, i.e.: a gathering place that covers the topic as a whole and the entire chain of all skills that is included for current and future product development. 

By starting and run www.hintland.com we wish both to run the process and create conditions for a better innovation and product development environment, and also provide inspiration, tip and ideas for the future process. 

It’s when boundaries are broken and borders are crossed innovations emerge!

What really is product development? What factors is involved in the processes, and how do you define a successful or unsuccessful product development project? Where come the inspiration from? Was it luck or hard work behind the success? There are many, many questions, and a lot of knowledge housed in the concept of product development, and we want to give hints! 

Give us our thoughts, comments or/and tip that concerns better market communication, innovation and product development (or mistakes that will help others succeed) – here!