Designer JRuiter has crafted an electric motorcycle that takes that entirely out of the equation, by “ignoring what makes motorcycles interesting”.  Moto Undone by Joey Ruiter may not look like your standard motorbike, but it is clearly more interesting than your standard cruiser.  The body of this bike is reflective metal, with few visual elements other than the handlebars and the wheels hanging out below its skirt.

Moto-Undone-by-Joey-Ruiter-2Even more intriguing is the electric powertrain inside this beauty.  Jruiter’s Moto Undone uses a 1000W, 48V electric hub motor to provide fossil fuel free riding, a bonus for us sustainably-minded folk.  That motor is mated to a battery that will give you a 90 mile riding range, more than enough to fulfill your average daily commute… and maybe a bit of joy-riding as well.




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