The Municipality of Helsingborg (that have got a PR-Campaign “not wanted” worth more than 200 million SEK have a twisted way to go. Instead of give the whole city and all commercial structure around a fantastic opportunity to invest an flourish, the municipality just “let it go”. The museum has been an enormous magnet for tourism and had placed the city on the global map. Over 50% of all visitors from abroad only visited Helsingborg in order to visit the museum! So think of all extra spending these tourist made and how this contribute to the local community. It seem hard to find a worse way to loose money…

What’s wrong in this city and its culture? Just to compare: The municipality “sponsor” a medioker local football team with several millions SEK a year, (tax money).

On the other hand there are over 15 cities that want to take over the museum globally, so the very idea will go on. But some other city and its locals will benefit instead…

Sad ending on an extremely good and important idea, in this Swedish city.





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