Cool Slovakian Architecture and Product Development!

Why make it harder or more difficult then it had to be? Come on! Without breaking the conformed rules or old stated norms – what will happen then? Without breaking the norms It will just be the risk-avert administrator that will form the future strategy, meaning that “status quo” is the …

What Does Humans Share Most At Social Media?

Social media have in a few years totally changed the media landscape. We seen newspapers merge or go down, the advertising industry fumble around desperately searching for the holy (ad) graal and the media consumption radically change – all thanks to the (r)evolution of all “social media”. Today …

We Say Happy Birthday To Sofia Villani Scicolone the 20th september!

Sofia Villani Scicolone, or more recognized as Sophia Loren turned 80 the 20th september. We at salute the very best congratulations and – that’s it! Brassivimo! (Sorry Sophia – but a congat is better to late than never) Need more info? Read here.    

VIKS – now with a WOODaLIKE frame

I earlier wrote about VIKS – the Estonian fixed gear bike at Here comes a modified version with a frame made with a special effect: it look like wood, but it’s steel! The VIKS bike can be order in a customized size and with the equipment you want – think of Campagnolo or similar. …

I Just Love This Italian Design: 1953 Fiat 8V Series 1 Berlinetta

How about you? The 1953 Fiat 8V Series 1 is an absolutely magnificent automobile. This two-door, two-seat speedster is one of 114 ever made, a throwback for its time that brought stiff competition to the more athletic, next gen racers of its time.