Sorry for “White” at “Black Friday!”

The data on the world’s most popular automotive paints show that white holds its first place with 29 percent for the fourth year in a row., according to Axalta Coating Systems that had followed the regional trends in colors since 1953.

Colors that increases its popularity are red, blue and yellow that all increased by 1 percent each since last survey. Black, with its 19 per cent is still strong in the whole market, but has lost one per cent since last year.

Some statistics for excel lover:

North America

  • White tops the charts with its 25 percent
  • Red, which are more popular in North America than in any other region, climbed three percent during the year
  • A white, silver and black fell by one per cent this year
  • Pearlescent paint is the most popular paint color in the US
  • Solid White is the favorite color in Mexico

South America

  • 27 percent white and 25 percent silver-colored vehicle shows that bright colors are popular here
  • Black is the third most popular with its 12 percent
  • Red rose one per cent to 11 it is the year, and shows an increased interest in colors


  • Europes have most blue vehicles on the road, and most of them have light and medium light shades
  • Within the categories for small/sports cars and mid-sized MPV vehicle was a marked increase in blue
  • Silver continued to decline this year
  • White is still popular however, decreased by two percent
  • Green is not the car buyers’ favorite, and the color stays on only one percent


  • White vehicles is preferred, and the number is 30 percent overall, 34 percent in South Korea.
  • Black has declined a bit in popularity, but maintains itself in second place with 19 percent
  • Black is popular on luxury cars in China – chosen by 24 percent
  • Blue is more popular in Japan than in other Asian countries

“White” kill “Black”, but just for a short moment. As everything is cyclic, black will have the future!




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