Bristol_Cars hintland.comProduct development can be done in many different ways and with different starting points. Bristol Cars is perhaps the last ‘Emperor’ of the British Empire? For a few centuries ago England ruled the world in many ways: geographically in India, USA and Australia and through the industrial revolution.

But that was then. Now a few fighting to retain parts of this missing aura that left England, and one of them is Bristol Cars. England has a tradition of building cars and sports cars: there are lots of classic brands such as Aston Martin, Austin, Bentley, Daimler, Jaguar, Jensen, Lotus, MG, Morgan, Rolls Royce, Rover, Triumph and others.

Bristol Cars was established 1947 and is still going strong: they are the last? privately owned car manufacturer in the UK. They have a factory (outside Bristol), a show room (in London) and has never advertised or otherwise informed that they exist. The production rate is about 100-150 cars per year and all are hand built, in classic English tradition, and the price is about 540 000 Euro.

None of the employees have left the company, except for death, and today the oldest worker is 92 years old, and he works every day! Some of the customers are Richard Branson (Virgin) and Paul Smith (Fashion Designer). You can read more here and here.


What is the secret of Bristol Cars?

To go its own way, not compromise and give in to the demands of others. And believing in the idea and implement it. Then, with the “cult” that’s created around the company, provide a great opportunity for storytelling. And of course, to have employees that are extremely dedicated and enthusiastic is both necessary and necessary.


What can we learn from Bristol Cars?

Persistence, commitment and enthusiasm bring success. Find your uniqueness, nurture and develop it. And never compare with others.




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