What Difference A Day Makes!

This is a good and relevant question, but just listen to Dinah Washington and enjoy!  Then look at the superb yacht Nimue 490 below – they have something in common: Dinah & Nimue!

This is NIMUE 490! This Gentleman’s Day Cruiser makes a day spent on the water, relaxing with friends or family to a success. It’s also the simple fact that the extraordinary design of the Nimue 490 will fill you with both conscious and unconscious feelings of well-being! Hint! Hint!

Nimus 490 3

Never mind, the sleek design gives the yacht a very elegant appearance and if you can’t join them, beat them! 😀 (I.E. develop an own charismatic yacht! :D)

Nimus 490 5 Then don’t over dramatise it! A boat is a boat. A bag is a bag. But anyway, enjoy and see (and feel) the lovely design.

Nimus 490 1 hintland.comFind more pics and info about the designer Timon Sager.

Nimus 490 4

So how many of you want an own NIMUE 490? Don’t de a stranger and just connect with Timon…



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