Old Mr Bowie said Let’s Dance, and he did that among (lots of) other things…

Today “aesthetics” is perhaps the most favourable and recognised “ability” in the postmodern society, which is a very subject and topic of it self. Think what how the sociologist Gabriel de la Tarde put it in a more sophistically way: “give the mass Circus, then they keep calm”. Compare that with the communism that Stalin and his gang run: Stalin gave his “people” vodka! Tarde proclaimed Circus! All in the name of power of control or/and control of power! Does it give any hints?

“Aesthetics” today is mostly a “none-question”! The excel-beliving-managers wants, or being forced to only look of “what will it cost”? – questions…. Not so very positive…or creative…or forward looking… and…

So how beautiful and forward looking isn’t this pic of male dancers? Think of the prospering future and enjoy both the small and the large issues. It can only be better, or what do you say? 😀



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