When Henry Ford used the assembly line production in the automotive industry, we were “light years” from printing a car. But now we are there, both scary and fantastic! What comes next in the future of product development?

The Local Motors had made a car using 3D-printing that will speed-up and revolutionize the way automotive producers can come with new models, without large investments for tools or time! The process used is called Direct Digital Manufacturing and is one of the innovations that follow in the 3D-technic expansion. In the hands of Local Motors, they used of a hybrid additive/subtractive machine with a large diameter extrusion head to 3D print objects at high speed, a router to come back and machine surfaces to a more precise specification where required. All this meant that a creation in a car-scale forms will be made very quickly and freely to machined precision, but without the necessity of forming tools.

Just look and smile, and see more here.



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