Is it unusual to innovate or generate good ideas during summer? I will say not! When being in the wonderful archipelago of Karlskrona, taking the boat for a journey, it’s time for reflection for all ideas.

IsaacNewton-1689The nature tell our stressed body to relax, and the body assimilate the natural rhythm of the nature. I mean, we humans are a biological ‘machine’ developed during thousands of years. A rapid, and in many ways too rapid, acceleration of new innovate products and services don’t match with our biological heritage. Our more and more stressful society – in all ways, and the extreme focus to produce / perform don’t ‘produce better’ – just more!

One, perhaps the only, way to reflect over your live or innovations / products hits you when you have holiday – several weeks of holiday. Then all the good ideas can merge, as during sleep, but in a more relaxed and natural environment.

OK – what’s new, you may think? Nothing, or rather everything. You have to “turn off” from “performance” during holiday – then the problem will be solved. Think of Isaac Newton’s falling apple 😀



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