How many of you followed the Apple event broadcasted from Cupertino last night?

I did not! I had a wonderful dream in a no-technical sofa instead:



Even if I’m hooked on most products Apple produce, that’s a limit. In our contemporary society the speed of launches of new products, services or hybrids (products/services) just overwhelme our minds. The environment can, perhaps, learn us – the mankind – to survive in a not natural habitat: but what’s the price?



Today we all know (i certainly hope!) that we humans are one kind of mammals that is evolutionary “designed” by a process of millions of years, with or with-out product development. Then the fast technical evolution up until today, give much to argue about.

We, humans, we still have the same instincts and behavior, as we have when we walked in the African jungle as humans in prototype 5.0 (bacteria = 1.0, etc). The technical evolutions have not changed that fact, and will not. So, the challenge (and dilemma) is: How do we go forward in all evolutioary disciplines, and still keep our human habitat, and have a progress in the technical environment?

Do we need more products?

Do we need better products?

Do we need cheaper products?

Let me know your thoughts!




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